Terra Madre

Terra Madre is a Slow Food project created to "give voice and visibility to the rural food producers who populate our world." It is a collection of formal networks that are connected on regional, national and international levels.

Terra Madre is centred around gathering of stakeholders in the local food community that is held in Torino, Italy once a year. The purpose of the Terra Madre event is to bring together cooks, academics and food communities to form networks that cross international boundaries.
The first world meeting of Terra Madre food communities was held in 2004 in Italy, and brought together 5,000 producers from 130 countries. The second edition in 2006 grew to include participation from 1,000 cooks, aware of their important role in supporting local, quality production, as well as 400 researchers and academics, seeking to bridge the theory of their work with hands-on knowledge. In 2008, 1,000 young producers, cooks, students and activists from around the world joined the network to show their commitment to ensuring traditions and agricultural wisdom is handed from one generation to the next. [source]
In 2012 we sent our convivium board member Cory Pelan as our delegate to the conference.

"Few words can describe the Terra Madre experience. I will return much richer for having experienced this." - Chef Cory Pelan

On the island we presently have two regional Terra Madre networks: