1000 Gardens in Africa

1000 Gardens in Africa is a Slow Food initiative to help undo much of the effects of Westernization and Colonization in Africa that have destroyed traditional food ways and food production. The Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands convivium raised funds for a garden on the Ivory Coast, and were paired with the Zere community garden.
Call to Action: Support the Sierra Leone Gardens
The recent outbreak of Ebola left many of our Slow Food friends stranded. Under forced quarantine, with no food or supplies moving in or out of the villages, the Slow Food Gardens were their ONLY source of food during the quarantine. This is a stark reminder that local food is not elite or luxurious. Local food is necessary, practical, and most often the only option for any food at all.

Zere community garden near Korhogo, Savanes, the Ivory Coast

Zere community garden is located in the north of the country, in one of the most arid areas in Ivory Coast. It covers a surface of half a hectare. About 30 people work in this garden, together cultivating aubergines, onions, tomatoes and some local crop varieties such as dahand tiorhon. To maintain soil fertility, farmers use manure only. They produce part of the seeds they use and purchase the others at local farmers' markets. Most of the harvest is used for family consumption, the rest is sold. [source]

To support the Gardens in Africa project please visit the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity donation page