Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Convivium Leader Report from Terra Madre in Italy, October 2014

Our convivium leader, Brooke Fader, recently returned from an overwhelming, amazing, exhilarating experience connecting with Slow Food members & Terra Madre delegates from all over the world.

The week's events included:
  • Tasting Ark of Taste ingredients from all over the world
  • Discussions of the impact of the Chef’s Alliance
  • Canada's representation at Citta Slow, the Canada Booth, Canada Taste Workshop & the Canada Meeting
  • The inspirational Gardens in Schools & Gardens in Africa projects
  • A passionate Slow Fish discussion, a crucial campaign for us here in Canada!
  • Thrilling energy & representation from the Slow Food Youth movement
  • ... and connecting with people from all over the world as passionate about good, clean & fair food as she is!

She had these resonating thoughts to share with our Slow Food supporters here on the West Coast of Canada
What we do locally reverberates around the world. 
It is important what we do, connecting people to their food. Getting them to pay attention to the way they source, cook and consume their food and how this affects their life and their community, and what a special relationship that can be when nurtured 
We are not our governments. Food communities cross boarders effortlessly. Salmon Safe Wines in BC and Washington. Salish Sea fisheries and First Nations. Slovenian and Italian cheese and winemakers. Lebanese and Syrian cooks. Palestinian and Israeli fishermen. Iraqi and Iranian farmers. We all do better, when we all do better. 
The world looks to Canada to create an example of a good, clean and fair food community. Our reputation is better than our reality. Our culinary identity is young, but already associated with pristine products and a vibrant cooking culture. 
Leadership: avoid it! Facilitate others and empower them to make the change. It can’t just rest on one person. I hope to increase collaboration with other symbiotic organisations and encourage members and board members to pick a specific project to take on.

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